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At Gastec we warmly welcome you to our website. We understand that our different visitors have different needs. You may be considering a career move and are looking for guidance as you consider new career options. Perhaps you are looking to broaden your skill base to improve employment prospects or your business opportunities. You might be an experienced hand seeking the right partner to help you refresh your qualifications.

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Whatever your training needs we believe we can help. If you are unsure about the training requirements for specific sectors then please look out for the sector training overviews which provide general guidance on the training needed to operate in specific sectors. Each course is desribed in detail covering pre-requisites , content and relevant qualifications.


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The Main Menu above is a good starting point for all aspects of the training and personal development pathways available from Gastec. If you are looking for information on a specific utility sector then course overviews on the right will take you straight to the information you need.


Whatever your reason for visiting we look forward to helping you with your training requirements and at some point meeting you at one of our training centres.

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