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  ACS - Career Development Pathways

There are a range of options available to entrants looking to develop a career in the gas sector.

Following successful completion of the Core Domestic Gas Safety - CCN1 course there are a wide selection of courses to help the technician widen the work areas within which they may work.

Typical application areas include :-

  • Specialist technician e.g domestic central heating or meters
  • Domestic appliances
  • Commercial gas
  • Commerical gas appliances
  • Commercial catering
  • Liquified petroleum gas

These would lead to a wider range of career and business development opportunities

  • Domestic sector
    • Central heating engineer
    • Service engineer
    • Breakdown engineer
    • Meter installer
  • Commercial Sector
    • Commercial service engineer
    • Commissioning engineer
    • Commercial catering engineer
    • LPG Breakdown/controls engineer

The diagram provides guidance on the training path available to operatives training with Gastec. Contact us for further advice and guidance on the choices that are available and to optimise your training plans in terms of cost and speed.

Diagram of career options with ACS qualifications