Special Offers on ACS Gas Courses

We are the cheapest and best ACS Gas training centre covering London the South East of England. We work with the most reputable and respected certification body in the UK - CSkills.

We are currently offering a special offer on ACS Re-Assessment - package price £890+VAT

The following combinations are available

CCN1 Core Domestic Gas Safety and 4* appliances with a free CPA1 - £890+VAT

*Appliance re-assessment can be mixed to suit your requirements

The total price for any one of these packages if just £890 + VAT - our own research tells us are undercutting our rivals within a 70 mile radius of our Milton Keynes centre so call 01784 246247 for more details

Impartial assessment testing is undertaken under the control of CSkills and is seperate from any training.