symb gas 60

 ACS Changeover Domestic to Commercial Catering - CoDC1

Assessment duration : Approximately 2 hours

This gas safety assessment is designed to test the gas safety competence of an operative intending to extend the work range from domestic natural gas appliances to include natural gas commercial catering appliances by practical and knowledge and understanding assessment.

This Changeover Gas Safety Assessment comprises of two core competencies

  • Ventilation and combustion – related to commercial catering appliances
  • Installation of pipework and fittings for commercial catering appliances

Pre-requisite to this Assessment  - Prior to taking this assessment the candidate must hold as a minimum a Certificate of Competence in the following:-

Following successful completion of CCN1 and CoDC1 an operative who wishes to work on commercial catering appliances will need to undertake the ACS Changeover Domestic to Catering Appliance Assessment - CoCATA1

Other asssessments include