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 ACS - Liquid Petroleum Gas Courses

The majority of our customers who wish to work on LPG also work with natural gas. Rather than resit assessments they choose to take the generic changeover assessment following successful completion of natural gas assessments which provides them with certificates of competency for both types of gas installed within buildings and for appliances installed in boats and caravans. For appliances that are only available for LPG gas or for work with storage vessels, additional assessments are required.

Due to the commonality between LPG and Natural Gas appliances we suggest that natural gas assessments are carried out first i.e CKR1 HTR1 or CENTWAT1. Then a straightforward fuel changeover assessment CONGLP1 is all that is required, all you will need to do is add any specialist areas such as B-BOATS or LAV-Leisure Accomodation Vehicles (mobile caravans)

The above is acceptable for duel fuel operatives working on natural gas as well as LPG. If you only work on LPG then specialised assessments are available.

Unless you have no need to carry out work on anything other than LPG we suggest you take assessments for the work categories you require as natural gas and then complete the changeover assessments adding any specific LPG assessments.


To ensure you make the most effective choice of assessments we suggest you seek advice from our office prior to booking LPG training and assessments