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 ACS Commercial Gas Safety - Overview

To carry out commercial gas work an operative must first hold the appropriate certificates of competence. Listed below are the assessments available and what they involve. Before assessment on any of the appliances or pipework a candidate must first hold the core commercial certificate of competence which can be achieved either by taking the full core assessment or for those that hold core domestic gas safety by completing a packaged assessment

Most candidates opt to attend our optional revision sessions prior to taking any of the following assessments. Whilst all of the following assessments can be taken without revision, we find that in a rapidly changing industry revision classes are an essential pre-requisite for all but the most up-to-date informed engineer.

Our courses cover all aspects of each assessment and are competitively priced.

Before taking an appliance or pipework assessment the candidate must have undertaken the ACS Core Commercial Gas Safety - COCN1 assessment or have completed successfully the ACS - Changeover Domestic to Commercial - CoDNC1

Once this has been achieved, any of the remaining assessments listed can be taken.