symb gas 60

 ACS - Commercial Core and Laundry Equipment – CCLNG1 and CLE1

This Gas Safety Assessment is designed to test the gas safety competence of an operative in core commercial laundry gas work by practical and knowledge and understanding assessment.

The assessment includes 10 assessment areas

  • Gas Safety Legislation
  • Gas Emergency Actions and Procedures
  • Characteristics of Combustion
  • Ventilation & Exhaust Duct Requirements
  • Installation of Pipework and Fittings (up to and including 28mm in size)
  • Checking Meter Regulators & Setting Supply and/or Appliance Regulators
  • Identification of Unsafe Situations and the Use of Emergency Notices and Warning Labels
  • The Operation of and Positioning of Emergency Isolation Controls and Valves
  • The Operation and Checking of Appliances Gas Safety Devices and Controls
  • Re-establish Existing Gas Supply and Relight Commercial Appliances

Other assessments available include