symb gas 60

 ACS Commercial Gas Test and Purge  – TPCP1A

Assessment duration : 1 day (Theory and practical assessments)

This gas safety assessment is designed to test the gas safety competence of an operative by practical and knowledge and understanding assessment in the work of testing and direct purging of pipework (or sections of pipework) downstream of a primary meter control valve having:-

  • A volume of not exceeding 1 cubic metre including any meter and any allowance for fittings.
  • An operating pressure not exceeding 21 mbar (nominal) at the outlet of the primary meter regulator
  • A diameter not exceeding 150 mm
  • The operating pressure at the inlet of the primary meter regulator does not exceed 75 mbar

This assessment will not assess testing for soundness and direct purging outside the range listed above and it may be preferable for operatives to instead undertake category TPCP1 below.

Pre-requisite to this assessment - Prior to this assessment the candidate must hold a Certificate of Competence in the following.