Leaving the Armed Forces ?

Armed Forces LogosIf you are leaving the armed forces and thinking about your career options then why not consider a career in the utilities sector ? With a choice of career options available to you in the gas, oil, water, refrigeration and electrical sectors - Gastec has wide experience and understanding of the training needs of personnel leaving the armed forces


A popular area to consider basing your new career is in the Gas sector. The popular press has stories about the earning potential of gas engineers.These stories, whilst generally inaccurate, are based upon the fact that there is a massive skill shortage in the UK. Gas_burner_3For years, companies have been reluctant to employ apprentices, and this has led to the current shortage of gas engineers. In order to fill the gap, opportunities have arisen for new entrants to the industry to undertake training as gas engineers. All gas engineers are required to hold Certificates of Competence for all work involving gas and gas appliances. If your intention is to be your own boss, work hours that suit you, do interesting, challenging and satisfying work and make a very good living, then a GASTEC Course could be your first step towards that rewarding goal.


There are other areas where you may want to specialise , oil is one. The previous government expressed concern at the level of qualification possessed by many heating oil installers - many of whom are qualified in only one specific area of the job, yet work on other installations they know little about.


Other options include working in the electrical sector. Traditional apprenticeships have declined as well as new industry sectors offering competition. Electrical and other constructions skills are declining as more people look for a job within the IT or the service industry. Workroom_02There is an also an elderly skills base who are retiring, ensuring more people are needed than leave. Finally the Government wish to build more houses so the demand is likely to always be there.Gastec offer a range of course to prepare you for such career. On the completion you will have the knowledge and skills to enter the lucrative world of the electrician. Your confidence will increase dramatically to undertake many electrical tasks that added with the fact your qualifications gained will make you work easier to obtain employment with electrical companies or even go self employed, the choice is yours to make.


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