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 Why Become A Gas Engineer ?

The popular press has stories about the earning potential of gas engineers.These stories, whilst generally inaccurate, are based upon the fact that there is a massive skill shortage in the UK. For years, companies have been reluctant to employ apprentices, and this has led to the current shortage of gas engineers.

Photo of Practical RoomIn order to fill the gap, opportunities have arisen for new entrants to the industry to undertake training as gas engineers. All gas engineers are required to hold Certificates of Competence for all work involving gas and gas appliances.

If your intention is to be your own boss, work hours that suit you, do interesting, challenging and satisfying work and make a very good living, then a GASTEC Course could be your first step towards that rewarding goal.

The traditional route to becoming a Gas Engineer in the UK is via an apprenticeship. By undertaking two or three years study at college and working for a gas organisation, you would progress towards City & Guilds 6012 NVQ level 3.

There are limited places available in colleges and some are unable to offer the candidate a satisfactory and dedicated training program. On some occasions, the student is left to read technical manuals in a classroom for hours, simply because there are no available trainers. We know of cases where the student has to go home to "study" because of other unrelated courses being conducted within the confines of the workshop. You deserve better.

With all of these problems, many students are turning to private companies to bridge the training gap. The choice of courses available is bewildering. At GASTEC, we can advise you on which course you should take, depending on your goals and aspirations and what you want from a career within the gas industry

Photo of hands on training sessionAt GASTEC, you are given undivided attention and will work in comfortable air-conditioned classrooms. Our workshops are designed to allow every student to work in a stress-free and user-friendly manner. Each individual has their own tool kit and is allocated set work areas dependant on the tasks being undertaken. All work is overseen by a qualified instructor who will offer advice and help, usually in a one-to-one situation.

Our Domestic Gas Intermediate course is fully accredited with CSkills and is recognised as an approved training alternative to the slow and laborious college route. The course has been designed around our experience in the industry. The real difference between our courses and that of some other centres and colleges is that they are relevant to your needs. The cost of our courses reflects our commitment to train you efficiently and effectively.

We want to provide you with a totally honest appraisal so you understand what getting qualified as a Gas Operative is all about. If we can help you appreciate the commitment you will require, we think you will be better prepared to successfully complete your training.

Mature people looking for a career change and hoping to gain qualifications in the Gas industry could find it to be an uphill struggle. It is not the easiest thing to do especially if you are set in your ways, but if you are prepared to give and learn, it is certainly not impossible.

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