ACS Assessments

Gas burner 3ACS or Accredited Certification Scheme is the means by which gas operatives are assessed to prove their competence in gas safety. Subject to certain provisions, the law requires all persons working on gas to be competent to do so. Upon successful completion of assessment a certificate valid for five years is issued as proof that competence has been demonstrated. 

Gastec provide a wide range of ACS Assessments and re-Assessments to enable operatives keep their qualifications valid and upto date.There are no requirements or pre- requisites to undergo training before you apply for ACS assessments but it is advisable to do so due to the abundance of changes to legislation etc over the course of 5 years.

Our courses cover all aspects of each assessment and are competitively priced.

Full information on the ACS Assessments and Re-Assessments is available here or from the main menu above.


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