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 OFTEC 600A - Oil Storage and Supply

Installation and Maintenance

This training module and assessment covers the installation and maintenance of oil storage tanks in the Domestic / Light Commercial sector. The course is for installers who want to become OFTEC registered as specialists in tank installation. It covers the regulations and standards that apply to oil fired tanks, the installations and installation practice. The OFTEC registration is as a Domestic Light / Commercial Oil Firing Tank Installation Technician.

The Training Objectives:

  • Safety requirements
  • Codes of Practice
  • Building Regulations and Planning consent
  • Types of oil and their indemnification
  • Steel and Thermoplastic oil storage of more than 3500litres
  • Constructional Standards
  • Tank Fittings
  • Fuel Feed Pipe-work
  • System Design including L1
  • Thermostatic Controls
  • Gauges and overfill Alarm
  • Contaminations Problems
  • Maintenance.