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 Water Regulations

A one day course providing all information required to ensure that plumbing services are installed to current standards. The aim of the course is to enable operatives to understand and interpret water supply (water fittings) regulations and comply the relevant legislation and underpinning modules to prevent waste, misuse, undue consumption, contamination and erroneous measurement of water.

  • 12 Module Course Introduction and Background/Legislation
  • The Regulations
  • Materials & Substances in Contact with Water
  • Requirements for Water Fittings
  • Water Systems Design and Installation
  • Commissioning (flushing, testing and sterilisation)
  • Prevention of Cross Connection to Unwholesome Water
  • Backflow Prevention
  • Cold Water Services
  • Hot Water Services
  • WCs, Flushing Devices and Urinals
  • Sanitary Appliances and Water for Outside Use


You can become an approved contractor provided you meet the criteria laid down by the water utility companies


  • Approved contractors do not need to notify certain installations to the water company/ local authority
  • Water companies compile a list of approved operatives and contractors to which the general public can use
  • A large number of local authorities and housing associations will insist that plumbing contractors and operatives are approved
  • Approved operatives and contractors are permitted to self-certify their work, reducing the need for constant monitoring by water inspectors