ACS Assessment

An Introduction


A short guide to the Accredited Certification System (ACS) which is the means by which gas operatives are assessed to prove their competence in gas safety. The law requires that all persons working on gas installation must be safe to do so and registered.

ACS or Accredited Certification Scheme is the means by which gas operatives are assessed to prove their competence in gas safety. Subject to certain provisions, the law requires all persons working on gas to be competent to do so.Unless a person has been assessed through the above scheme they have not proved competence and are not legally able to carry out any work to a gas appliance or system.

Upon successful completion of assessment a certificate valid for five years is issued as proof that competence has been demonstrated. Details of all operatives that are deemed competent are also kept by the registration body Gas Safety Register.

Do I Need Training Before Assessment

There are no requirements or pre-requisites to undergo training before you apply for ACS Assessments but it is however advisable to do so. In part because of the changes in legislation over time you knowledge of which will be part of the assessment.

Assessment or Re-Assessment

Operatives that hold a current ACS certificate do not need to go through the full assessment procedure but are eligible to attend a shortened re-certification assessment which is both quicker and cheaper. Areas of competence are broken down into work areas and a wide number of assessments are available to enable competency to be demonstrated in all areas of gas utilisation.

Operatives who do not hold a current ACS certificate are not eligible to attend the shortened assessment and will need to be fully assessed for all work types that they intend to carry out.

What will i get if I can prove competence?

Upon receipt and verification of the Application for Certification and Assessment documents UK Certification will send you a certificate and record card. In all cases, the certificate and record card is issued for your personal use but remain the property of UK Certification and may be withdrawn if the conditions of issue are not complied with.

Lost certificates and record cards can be replaced by applying to UK Certification. All UK Certification certificates and record cards issued (including replacements) are subject to a fee.

How Do I know when my UK Certification needs renewing?

The certificate category is valid for five years. UK Certification will send you a reminder letter, indicating the date your certificate expires, together with a list of UK Certification approved assessment and training centres. A completed category will not be valid if the expiry date has passed. Work-related categories will not be valid if the core certificate has expired.

Will I gain Gas Safety Register registration on completion of the assessment?

No. Once you have proved competence and hold the appropriate certificates you are able to apply for Gas Safety Register registration. Further details of the application procedure are available from Gas Safety Register.

Do I need to be Gas Safety Register registered?

Self-employed engineers and employers need to be registered with Gas Safety Register by law before they can carry out gas work. If you work for a company they should be Gas Safety Register registered and should provide a list of all operatives they employ to Gas Safety Register.