ACS Assessment and Re-Assessment

Who can take a re-assessment?


Re-assessment is only available to operatives who currently hold an in-date ACS qualification. If an operative needs to undertake a re-assessment it will be more effective in terms of cost and time if both core gas safety and appliance assessments are completed at the same time.

Assessment or re-assessment ?

If your ACS qualification has not expired then you are eligible for an ACS re-assessment which is shorter in duration than the full assessment. If it has expired you will need to complete the full assessment

Do I have to take a ACS assessment first?

If you have not undertaken any ACS assessments or hold a currently valid ACS assessment then you will not be eligible for a re-assessment.

If however you have a valid aligned gas services S/NVQ certificate this will generally be accepted as a pre-requisite for re-assessments (Ask centre for details if you think this applies.)

The difference between an ACS initial assessment and re-assessment

The ACS initial assessment takes longer to complete and has more written questions in it. The ACS re-assessment tests only those key areas previously undertaken, plus any new legislation introduced over the last five years.

The re-assessment is shorter in length. ACS re-assessment is only available to operatives who have a current ACS qualification in those categories applied for.

If my core expires can I just take that again?

Yes, you could take it on its own but it would reduce overall time to take both the core and any appliances you hold together, as you would not need to repeat areas which are common to both core and appliances.

Can I add a new assessment area to my re-assessment ?

No. The extra appliance/core must be taken under ACS initial assessment conditions.

What is a core assessment?

Core assessments are usually pre-requisites to appliances and can be taken in domestic natural gas, commercial, catering or LPG situations prior to, or in conjunction with, relevant appliance assessments.

Assessment and Re-Assessment Procedures

1st Attempt in allotted time.

  • If result is 100% = pass
  • Less than 100% = re-assessment

Following this the options are :

  1. Undertake further training and then re-take assessment
  2. Re-take assessment immediately

2nd attempt in either case must be within 30 working days of 1st attempt

If following 2nd re-assessment competence was not demonstrated

  • 1st and 2nd attempts totaled together

If result is 100% = Pass

If less than 100%  at the assessor’s discretion minor parts of practical/ written may be clarified by practical/oral questions, or the student may be failed and have to re-take the whole assessment