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Why become an oil engineer ?

Concerns continue to be expressed about the level of qualification possessed by many heating oil installers – many of who are qualified in only one specific area of the job, yet work on other installations they know little about.

Is that concern justified ? Is it too easy to qualify to work on what are potentially environmentally dangerous installations? After all both installers and consumers are now liable to face the consequences of costly oil spills – something oil installers should think carefully about before embarking on a career in the industry.

Qualifications ?

Gastec is an accredited centre for the training and assessment of operatives requiring accreditation for the installation of oil fired appliances and storage tanks with OFTEC.

Would-be heating oil installers must hold a current certificate of assessed competence before they can apply for OFTEC registration.

To get a certificate, they need to pass one of the following assessments:

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The Next Step

We want to provide you with a totally honest appraisal so you understand what getting qualified as a gas Operative is all about. If we can help you appreciate the commitment you will require we think you will be better prepared to successfully complete your training.

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