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First Steps in the Utility Sector

When considering a new career the first step should be an assessment of your training needs. Will an employer offer it on the job or do you need to plan your own training first. If you are considering a career in the utilities industry then there are a wide range of training courses and training providers available to you.

Before you decide which training provider to go with take time to check out if they are really going to provide you with the full requirements and qualifications you will need for the chosen area of work you will follow, be it the gas, electrical or oil routes.

Questions you should be asking

Will these qualifications help me get full time employment ?

All courses run by Gastec are fully accredited with either UK Certification or EAL. This means they all carry the prestigious certification bodies full support and unequivocal guarantee that the delivery and certification of courses are meet and are presented to very rigorous and high standard which is recognised by major companies nationwide.

Do you work with outside training organisations ?

No. All courses run by Gastec are carried out with Gastec’s own fully qualified training staff. We do not use outside organisations for the delivery of any New Entrant Course.

Are all your training staff qualified ?

All Gastec Staff are fully qualified and totally proficient in all the areas they train or assess, It is a requirement by UK Certification And EAL that trainers and assessors hold the relevant qualifications and that process is rigorously vetted every year by a full certification audit program.

What is the maximum number of delegates on a course ?

Because all our courses are run on a monthly basis and due to the large size of our classrooms and workshop facilities we restrict the maximum candidates to 20.

Do you provide work placement ?

At Gastec do offer work placement for New Entrants where required but you must hold a full UK driving licence. Working in close partnership with several major companies we are able to offer work placement.

However if you are in a position to seek and provide your own that may be more beneficial to you as then it would be local to your area.

We do actually state that we offer work placement in writing both on this site and on all our information packs. Can others be so brave and honest about their ability to offer the same service ?

Are You an ELC Enhanced Learning Credit Provider?

At Gastec are also proud to be able to offer service leavers the chance to claim their ELC entitlement and use it on a majority of Gastec’s courses. Unlike some centres who state they have applied or will be offering it soon.

Check any potential training organisations for an authentic, registered ELC logo and registration number. Gastec’s Registration number is 1619 and can be checked with ELCAS at any time.

If a centre does not show it then it is not an ELC provider and subsequently the course they may offer will be at full cost to yourself and your ELC allowance can not be used.

Can I see any testimonials?

If you would like to speak to candidates who have been trained or assessed by Gastec staff simply call us and we can arrange for you to talk to in excess of over 700 satisfied clients from our New Entrant Courses alone or read our numerous glowing testimonials.

If you are able to visit the Gastec prior to booking onto a course this is something we actively encourage. You can then compare the facilities at Gastec and with our competitors.

Gastec Training

Gastec Training and Assessment Centres is a leading supplier of training and assessment services to the utilities industries. We  offer the full portfolio of training and assessment services for the entire utilities sector including the Gas Safe register.

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About Gastec

Gastec is a leading supplier of training and assessment services to the utilities industries with gas,electrical, oil, plumbing and solid fuel courses.

Choosing a Training Provider

We offer courses for new entrants, those looking to broaden their skill-set or experienced operatives looking to update their qualifications.

Booking a Course

We have an expert team waiting for your call with specialists in new entrant training as well as assessments and re-assessments for experienced operatives.

Central Location

Gastec is located close to the centre of Milton Keynes and only 10 minutes from Junction 13 of the M1 offering easy access from the major transport routes.

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First Steps

Get an overview of the steps you need to take to forge a new career in the lucrative utilities sector.

What questions you should be asking, what training you need and how to plan your training.

Gas ring


Do you want to be your own boss, work hours that suit you and do interesting, and challenging work?

If you want to make a good living the gas sector is a good first choice with many opportunities.

Oil pump


There is a continuing demand for OFTEC qualified heating oil operatives within the utility sector

If you would like to work in this sector on a range of oil installations find out about our New Entrant oil courses.

Electrical wires with spark


Are you considering a career move and are excited by the thought of a career as an electrician?

The New Entrant training course takes you from complete novice to accredited electrician.

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New Entrant Guide

The Gastec New Entrant Guide provides detailed information on our New Entrant courses.

It also includes further information on the full range of training courses available from Gastec

Gas Ring


We offer a comprehensive range of gas courses for experienced operatives wishing to develop their skills or cross train into new areas.

Our courses cover domestic, commercial, and LPG applications as well as cross training courses between industry sectors

Oil Burner Pump


At Gastec we know the busy working engineer must remain compliant at all times with the current regulations and OFTEC standards

Our structured training courses for operatives in the oil sector provide training and assessments to OFTEC standard.

Electrical wires


We offer a range of courses for the busy working engineer who needs to remain compliant with current regulations and standards.

If you work in this sector find out more about our structured, modular training courses offering a recognised qualification.

Wall mounted boiler


If you want to remain up to date with the current regulations we offer a range of training and assessments to ensure full compliance

We offer practical hands on courses for plumbers. These provide operatives with a practical skills and knowledge of the regulations.

Burning log fire

Solid Fuel

Our solid fuel courses provides a pathway to a career in solid fuel including the basic principles and technologies of solid fuel appliances.

If you are interested in a greater understanding of modern solid fuel, its delivery, technologies and appliances contact Gastec

Man fixing boiler

ACS Certification

A fulfilling career in the gas sector is on offer for those committed to developing their skillset by training and accreditation

ACS or Accredited Certification Scheme ensures that gas operatives are assessed to prove their competence in gas safety.

Lit gas ring


Candidates are split into three categories. Prerequisites to attend assessment are dependent on the category an operative falls into.

The exact category will depend on a range of factors based on past experience and prior accreditation and assessments

Gas cooker range


To work on gas installations all operatives must demonstrate that they are competent to do so. ACS Accreditation is how they do this

New operatives or experienced technicians seeking to work in new applications will need to undertake the assessment process.

Gas range in restaurant


A shortened ACS Re-Assessment is available to operatives who hold an in-date ACS qualification for their application speciality.

Operatives wishing to widen their skillset to new application areas such as catering would need to take a full assessment

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Exciting Career Choices

The utilities sectors offers a range of choices in terms of specialities and qualifications for anyone leaving the armed forces seeking a new career

New Entrant Courses

If you are new to the utilities sector we can offer advice on the most cost effective way to train and get accredited for a new lucrative career

Hand Working on fuse box
Develop Your Training Plan

We have an expert team waiting for your call with specialists experienced in helping ex-armed forces personnel plan their training needs.

Enhanced Learning Credits

At Gastec are proud to be able to offer Service Leavers the chance to claim their ELC entitlement and use on a majority of Gastec’s Courses.

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Work at Gastec

We offer a range of employment opportunities for experienced personnel wanting to work in a training role.

Experienced Personnel

We look for personnel who combine experience of the utility sector and an understanding of the regulatory framework.

Boiler Gas Jets
ACS Assessors

We welcome your application if you have experience of ACS Assessment with in domestic and commercial assessments.

Does This Sound Like You ?

Contact the team at Gastec if you would like to find out more about taking your career in the utilities sector to the next level.

Map of Milton Keynes

Gastec is located close to the centre of Milton Keynes and only 10 minutes from Junction 13 of the M1 offering easy access from the major transport routes.

Hotel Reception

There is a wide range of accommodation available close to our training centre in Milton Keynes. These include locations to suit all needs and budgets.

Local Restaurants

Milton Keynes has a wide range of restaurants. This includes major chains, independent venues with a choice of menus to suit all dietary needs and budgets.

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External Resources

We have listed information on a range of external sites which we think will be of interest to our customers and help them in the development of their career.