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‘I have recently taken my re assessment with Gastec this has been my third re assessment with Gastec training .
The training has been excellent delivered by excellent staff and in a way that is both informative and easy to understand.
I have been so impressed with the staff that my son enrolled in the intensive 4 week course and then examinations. The team there helped him obtain his qualifications.
This has enabled him to have a bright future and earning potential within the industry.
In turn this has enabled our business to grow and hence create a better financial future .
I would not hesitate to recommend Gastec training whatever your training requirements’

Tony Parsons / Robbie Parsons




‘Great training centre. Both tutors and assessors are extremely knowledgeable, office staff very friendly and helpful. I’ve used this centre a few times now for my training and assessments, I won’t go anywhere else.
I don’t know any other centre that leaves piles of sweets for you to help yourself too. Really enjoyable experience.
The practical bays are very very good, up to date boiler setups, latest analysers and tools.’

David Smith


A lovely write up from quest magazine

‘Choosing Gastec as his training provider for subsequent study, he says his chosen course, New Entrant Gas, was ‘well structured and caters for all types of student’. The format was a mix of academic study and practical training that supplemented the civilian qualifications he had already obtained. It was also residential and he found the hotel environment conducive to easy study.’
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Another write-up from quest magazine on two successful new entrants speaks for itself!

The future is looking very bright for Sam and Jacob!
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